There are a few places you don’t to be during a zombie outbreak and an enclosed cylinder with little room to move is one of them. Last week I mentioned that AMC would be airing it’s sister show to Fear the Walking Dead online in small increments. The show initially ran during the finale of Fear the Walking Dead and will continue to run during The Walking DeadΒ starting this Sunday.

So far there isn’t much told, mostly because the episode is only a minute long. We know that there is a boy flying to see his parents and he had his eye on a young girl who is sitting in front of him. The flight took its time taking off and the news is stating that all flights have been grounded. You don’t see any zombies, but you do hear a scream while the boy is talking to his mother on the phone. We know that there has to be at least one zombie on the plane and it will have to come because someone died. If you want to know who turns keep watching the webisodes and if you missed the initial episode, then I’ll post it right here for you to watch

By Taylor

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