A movie based on a manga getting a R rating wouldn’t be a big thing not too long ago, but recently with all the publicity and attention Deadpool has received for it’s R rating, this announcement is now important. In an interview with Collider producer of the upcoming live action Death Note movie Roy Lee stated that

It’s definitely for adults. It is zero chance it will be below an R-rating

I understand that in the past few weeks letting people know you’re film will be given an R rating may be something that would come as a shock, but for a movie like Death Note any other rating besides an R wouldn’t make sense. The story is about a notebook that guarantees someone’s death once their name is put in it. What’s even more macabre about this notebook is that you can put exactly how they die, and it’ll happen. In the anime series there a lot of heart attacks because they fit the plot, but there were also suicides. There’s no way for you to make a PG-13 Death Note movie and have someone commit suicide, unless they just walk off a bridge and all you hear is a thud as a person looks down in horror. That kind of shot is used for edgy television and doesn’t need to be put in a serious movie, just look how it was handled in Batman Forever

By Taylor

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