Deadpool 2 Has Officially Cast Domino

Last week the world wept as we lost Logan , but hey when one door closes another one opens. Before the Logan movie we did see a very funny Deadpool 2 teaser where the only other new character mentioned was graffiti on a telephone booth. Over the past week the world has been a buzz with the rumor of who may be playing Cable in Deadpool 2, but they also seemed to forget that Domino was also announced a while back and casting was currently going on. Well, it may seem that the hype may now be balanced out as Ryan Reynolds took to his Twitter account yesterday to make the official announcement.

If you can’t read what it says, the name it’s spelling out is actor Zazie Beetz. Just to drive the point home a little further, he then posted this picture.

I was unaware of Zazie beetz and her previous work, but for those of you who watch the TV show Atlanta she plays the character Van. I haven’t watched Atlanta but it has won some serious awards and I have no doubt that Zazie will knock Domino out of the park. Domino is a skilled fighter and has made her presence known in Deadpool comics many of times, as both friend and foe, but I’m interested in seeing if they explore the relationship with between her and Cable. So far this is the only news we have so far, but when we hear more you’ll know more.



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