The massively popular free to play PC and Playstation 4 game DC Universe Online just celebrated it’s 5 year anniversary and decided to announce some big news. For the first time in DCUO history, PC and Playstation 4 will be part of cross platform play. This means that you can be on your Playstation 4 and someone else can be on a PC or laptop and you can play together, and this starts the week of January 25th of this year. Later on this spring the game will also be coming to Xbox One,so I can finally play, because my PC sucked when the game originally came out and I never went back to it. The game did go free to play in late 2011 and I hope it stays that way when it hits Xbox One like the other free to play games the system offers.

If you’ve never played DCUO, the game allows you to create your own character to live in the DC Universe. You get to choose to be a hero or villain, how you look and even some super powers and abilities. Once your character is done you get some tutorials and then you’re set free to do missions and level up.

Check out trailer to the game when it first came out, and yes that’s Tim Miller the director of the upcoming Deadpool movie.

By Taylor

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