Netflix has once again crushed it with another exciting 13 episodes of Daredevil. The first season did it’s job with establishing the origin story, his struggle to become the hero he needed to be and a way to keep everyone he needed safe. I do have to admit that there were some slow episodes in the first season and I was concerned that out of 13 episodes this season would also have a few, but I was wrong. The show has made up for the first season with episodes that are constantly moving and revealing something new. The stories were paced perfectly without giving too much away in one episode, and soon as one episode ended I was quick to the hit the button on my Xbox One controller to start the next episode to see what happens next. I don’t know if it’s my bad memory, but this season they did pre-credit scenes that helped set up of what the context of the episode would be about. I don’t know if this was to their way to preview people skipping the credits, but I found myself watching every episodes credits and not fast forwarding.

As I mentioned in the title, this will contain no spoilers so if I’ve vague with any information it’s for that reason. Let’s talk story, actually stories. There is a point in the beginning of the season where there was hint of Captain America: Civil War and then the second had a Mr & Mrs. Smith vibe. All the original players are back and pick up where season 1 ended, with Nelson and Murdock gaining notoriety and Matt still taking to the nights as Daredevil. It’s conveyed that he has taken the job of crime fighter to a new level as tells Foggy Nelson that if he takes a night off people die. This may be the stated Catholic Guilt, but it’s guilt that only he puts on himself. We’re introduced to Frank Castle at the end of episode 1 but we don’t hear dialogue until episode 2 and what his main motivation is until a few episodes later. The story does bring in from his comic origin, but modifies it to fit in all the characters in the show. Much like Matt Murdock, Frank Castle is a man who has an agenda and is given a name by the press. Some may see what Castle does as a good thing, a way to clean up the city and prevent future harm to others and some may see it all bad. The ones who see it as a bad thing do have some validity as what he doing is murder, but then the eyes go to the police. A small but intricate piece of the story involves just how useful the police really are as vigilantes are taking justice to their own hands, and this is where the Civil War comparison comes into play. Towards the middle of the season the Castle story takes a break and we get introduced to our second story, the Mr. & Mrs. Smith story line. In the first season there is a flash back to Matt and Foggy in college where Foggy brings up Matts old girlfriend with criteria meeting that of Elektra. In the case of Elektras that’s her real name, and press doesn’t know anything about her. Elektras story line progress’ the story along for Daredevil as Frank Castles story line is more for Nelson and Murdock. As Elektras motive is revealed we get to see some flashbacks of just how in love they were and made them part ways. There’s always a motive behind a motive with a returning character, and I’ll leave that up to you to find out as you watch the season. Elektra’s story line doesn’t really take as many episodes as Frank’s, but they do get intertwined pretty quickly. All I can say is some old characters some back which pit Daredevil and Punisher against each other at times, but there’s a respect that keeps them from completely killing each other. Daredevil understands what The Punisher is doing, and even questions if at times he should also do the same.

The first season received rave reviews for seemingly one take fight scenes, but if you look you can tell where the quick edits took place. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, I’m referring to the scene where Daredevil rescues a young boy and has to fight a hall full of people. This season has a few of those scenes and not all of them are Daredevil’s. In the comics they really never highlight bruises or scars, but in this show they do and battle wounds are front and center every episode. No one magically heals over night and those long fight scenes are what cause most of bruises and cuts shown. Regardless of where this show stems from, it still makes sure to show that these are just people. At the end of a huge fight scene long gasps of breath are taken because they’re gassed out. It’s one thing to train for a fight one on one, but they’re handling multiple people at one time. Some of the tactics may be different as Daredevil aims to hurt and disable, but Punisher doesn’t mind killing and also doesn’t care about temporarily disabling. Elektra also has a certain code which is tainted by Daredevil, but later on it’s revealed why she does what she does and who she exactly is.

I sat and watched this show from beginning to end without stopping and had a blast. There are room for spin offs, but I don’t think anything is finalized because there are still more heroes to show and we still need to see our group show The Defenders. Each season of each show is not only bringing heroes together, but villains as well. We are slowly seeing a collection of factions being built from different areas of Hell’s Kitchen that will mostly likely come together, and that’s how The Defender are tied in. I really have no bad things to say about this season and I definitely suggest everyone go watch it.

By Taylor

Taylor is one half of Media Discord and resides in Orange County, CA. He grew up loving video games, comics and movies. His favorite game is Chrono Trigger and his favorite comic book character is Deadpool.

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