Danielle Panabaker, who plays Caitlin Snow on CW‘s The Flash, was on KROQ‘s Kevin and Bean Show the other morning and the topic of Killer Frost came up. Danielle confirmed that another Killer Frost appearance is going to happen, but she doesn’t want to stop playing Caitlin Snow. If you’re a little confused let me explain.

In the season finale of The Flash in the first season we saw Barry open up a worm hole and a few different visions appeared. Not only did we see a hint of Vibe, but we saw Caitlin Snow as Killer Frost.

killer frost the flash

The clip was short, but with Jay Garrick explaining to The Flash about the Multiverse and Cisco and Dr. Stein finding 52 of them in Central City, we now know how we can see Killer Frost. Eddie Slick, a.k.a. Sand Demon, was shown as a regular person and as a meta-human because the Earth-2 version crossed over thanks to Zoom. It was also explained that Barry is The Flash in this world, but in another world he’s just a regular guy. The same can be said for Caitlin Snow, who in another world may have received the powers that make her Killer Frost. Harrison Wells was introduced in the last scene of The Flash and even though he may be a good guy in Earth 2, Eobard Thawne may still be Zoom. There’s no time frame when Killer Frost will appear, but it would be a great season ender.

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