For the few of you who are still hoping Constantine comes back to either NBC or Syfy, there may be some good news. There have been many rumors and massive speculation on whats to become of this show. During a hiatus the show was aired on the Syfy channel and had great ratings. NBC then changed it’s time slot on Friday to accommodate the viewers, but it didn’t do much of a difference. On Monday the executive producer of Constantine, Daniel Cerone, tweeted the following after a meeting with NBC executives

So as of right now the show is still on the list of possibly never coming back, but if the rumors were true of it changing channels then we could see it rebranded as Hellblazer and airing on Syfy.

It’s a shame, the show was getting really good. It was if they knew that they had to start doing better so the story telling kicked in to high gear after the hiatus. Even though the changed the female supportive character from the pilot to the second episode, it ended up working out once they honed her powers. The whole Papa Midnite story interactions fit well and showed just how powerful Constantine truly was.

Not only do I hope this show comes back, but my mom was a big fan and we would actually have conversations about where the story was going and the characters introduced. Just having that happen has to say something about the show.

By Taylor

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