Chris Pratt has become a household name and the world wants him to star in every new movie. I don’t disagree with these sentiments, I think he’s a great actor and a generally good person in general. His love for the characters he plays and all that he does for charity is more than most actors do in their entire life. He has proven himself as a superhero as well as a viable actor in a popular franchise sequel. There had been rumors floating around that he was to be the next Indiana Jones, but that was quickly shot down. He also shot down rumors that he would be with Channing Tatum in a Ghostbusters reboot. Recenlty Channing Tatum walked away from the Gambit movie and there was rumor that he was back in talks for Ghostbusters. Another rumor that popped up was that the Ghostbusters script was being written with both Chris Pratt and Channing Tatum in mind for parts. As of right now these were only rumors, but today on Instagram Chris Pratt dropped some pretty cryptic captions on pictures.

Dunna nene nene. Dunna nunna nene.

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Dunna nene nene

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I ain’t fraid’a no goats

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If you didn’t catch it, the captions were the to the tune of Ray Parker Jr.’s Ghostbusters song. This is either a tremendous troll or hints that he is in either talks or has already signed for a Ghostbusters movie.

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