If you only know of Assassins Creed by the game breaking glitches, then you should go back a few years and check out when this franchise started. The original game was amazing two years later was the basis for a 35 minute short movie called Assassins Creed Lineage. This short movie was suppose to be a hint of a bigger movie being made, but it fell to the wayside the same way that Castlevania movie did.

A little over a year ago there was word that not only had movie gone back to be made, but that it would star big actors and not be another Uwe Boll movie. The movie has been finished and will be releasing next December in major theatres. If you’re heading to E3 next week, then you’ll probably be seeing the following images around. One is a poster for the movie and the other is a depiction of an assassins as an eagle.

mvZKwCf Assassins-Creed-concept-art


By Taylor

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