Capcom has announced a very odd mash up coming out, as of right now, in Japan only. The very popular Monster Hunter series is being fused with Mega Man, but only his power ups. I’m going to try to explain exactly what I got from the trailer and please forgive me if I don’t know name, because I’ve never played a Monster Hunter game.

The trailer shows a regular Monster Hunter type game, except you can use the power ups of different Mega Man robot master to battle other monsters. You play as a club wielding cat dressed in the Mega Man suit and can even power up to shoot projectiles. They seem to be grabbing different Mega Man robot masters because they show the powers of Guts Man, Wood Man and Flame Man, Dust Man, Top Man and Gravity Man. The set up is also the same as a Mega Man stage, where you are in the middle and choose from the 8 stages available. The Japanese release is the February 25 and is for the Nintendo 3DS.

By Taylor

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