Yesterday it was announced that Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV would be an ongoing anime released for free that would help the audience understand how the four main protagonists came to find themselves together in the game. We were introduced to Noctis, Ignis, Gladiolus and Prompto when the Final Fantasy XV: Disgea was released, but in the first of 5 anime shorts to be release we get to see a little more of their personality.


The first episode is named Before the Storm and it does it’s best in 12 minutes to introduce and give enough information to keep you interested and watching the whole time. The scene is set with a flash back showing a young Noctis hurt as a multi-armed monster stand above him. The only thing that stops the monster from dealing a final blow is an attack by Noctis’ father the king. Before we see the attack from the king Noctis wakes up and realizes its been a memory of his younger self. The rest of the episode is filled with an inner monologue cut into pieces talking about his home of Lucis and how it was overtaken by Niflheim, and how he must avoid the Imperial Army. This is suppose to be a lead up to how the 4 met in the game, but what I’ve see it looks to take place during the same time. All we know is that they are on a way to a ship to go see Luna and the episode ends with a fight culminating with the appearance of the same monster from Noctis’ dream.

After Thoughts

For this being the first of 5 episodes it was pretty good. The one thing you’ll need to know about the episode is that it’s in Japanese and only offers English dubs, which some Anime snubs may say is the only way to watch Anime. For me this means I can’t have it on while I do something else and listen to the audio, but if all episodes are going to be about 12 minutes long it doesn’t become an issue to do some reading. I enjoy Anime, but I’m not a harsh critic on animation style. Being ported from fully 3D CGI characters in game to animated characters looked pretty good and I do appreciate the fluidity of the fight scenes. There are some Anime’s that look to have hard stops in fight sequences to set up for a move, and some work but a good majority of them don’t. The fight sequence at the end only lasts about a minute, and we get to see them have their weapons appear and disappear in real time. Noctis may have a bodyguard, but that doesn’t stop him from being the one who has to take charge and deal most of the damage to the Imperial Army during the battle. I suppose the same rules in network cartoons stands here as well, so you can stab and behead a person as long as in the end you see it’s just a robot. Some of the moves shown were not only to attack the army, but to show off some of the attacks you may be able to do in the game. The 12 minutes was solid and we have 6 months for the game and 4 more episodes so I look forward to seeing the next one.

By Taylor

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