I’ll be the first to admit that the first Boondock Saints movie is one of the greatest movies of all time. I went to see the panel for Boondock Saints 2 at Comikaze a few years ago and we were excited, but when it came out it wasn’t the same. Well, good thing that Boondock Saints is coming back as a television show and an even greater tidbit is that it will be a prequel. If you’re not sure why a prequel is a good thing, please take a look at these two pictures

Noah_McManus 500px-BSBeretta92FS-11


A prequel means that both Noah MacManus and Rocco are still alive and can take their rightful place in the story of the MacManus brothers, we may even see their mother. Of course we don’t know what age the brothers will be when this takes place, so we don’t know if the father will be show, but Rocco has to be in it.

The television rights for Boondock Saints was acquired by IM Global back in 1999, so I say it’s about time we get out Boondock Saints show.

By Taylor

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