Bleach: Paradise Lost Is A Pokemon GO Style Game Coming To iOS And Android

What are the odds that for the past few months I’ve been blowing through Bleach episodes while on the treadmill and now they’ve announced that they are making a new mobile game based on the anime that I’m currently enjoying. Well to be honest, it’s just a odd coincidence because I doubt I’m popular enough for a game developer to be inspired. Whatever the case may be, it was announced that in Japan there will be a free to play Bleach game that is taking inspiration from Pokemon Go.

If you can’t read or understand what it says, don’t worry neither can I but websites likes to post where they got information from. I actually got most my information from here, but why click more things when you can just stay here. The game may be free to play, but like all free to play games this will have in app purchases and focus on some of the most popular battles in the series. A series which I am almost done with, and very much enjoying.

In Bleach: Paradise Lost you will encounter hollows in the real world and use your Bankai to attack them, but unlike Pokemon Go you won’t be able to catch them. This actually makes a hell of a lot more sense than Pokemon Go, as in the anime hollows really do show up in the real world. Granted we aren’t in Karakura Town and there isn’t a girl like Orihime running around but hey at least we get to hopefully play as someone from the Soul Society. I know it will end up being Ichigo as the main character, but if I had a chance I would definitely want to play as Kenpachi and spend a lot of time helping out Rangiku.

Right now this game is available in Japan and there’s no word when it will be coming the United States, but when it does we’ll be capturing video of us fighting hollows.


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