It’s been about 3 years since Big Hero 6 made it’s theatrical debut and about 19 years since the comic was released. Sadly not many people knew of the this property before the movie came out and became a huge hit. Every D23 and Comic Con since fans have been waiting for the next entry into the Big Hero 6 movie series, but until we get a new movie we can enjoy the Disney XD show premiering this fall.

The show picks up right after the events of the movie with Hiro and his friends attending their technologically advanced school while encountering all the problems that one would encounter in school. The only thing is that after school the team gets together and goes to fight crime and handle any other task that my be put in front of them. Granted the phrase picks up right after could mean months after, because who’s thinking that they need to be a villain and challenge the crew a week after they just defeated a super villain? I will assume that there are other super villains out there that will just randomly show up, but the biggest thing that will get the spot light will be Hiro not being able to turn in assignments because he’s tired from crime fighting. This is a trope that almost has to get written because whenever someone is in school and does something else at night it gets brought up.

In regards to super hero team shows, Disney XD has Avengers Assemble and Guardians of the Galaxy. As enjoyable as they are, these shows don’t work because of the popular actors that portray and voice them in the movies. Whenever you watch an Avengers movie or either one of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies it would seem weird with another person’s voice being heard. For the audience that it’s being shown to it may not matter, but when it comes to adults who enjoy these shows there’s a little bit of a disconnect every time they open their mouths. We understand that these actors aren’t going to voice these characters, so the company tries to find a similar voice and pass it off and this is where Big Hero 6 will flourish.

No offense to any of the characters, but besides T.J. Miller none of the voice actors are recognizable. Even Scott Adsit, who was the voice of Baymax, can easily be replaced with some voice altering software. If you were to look at the cast’s head shots you would recognize all of them, but they don’t have that recognizable of voices that they can’t easily be replaced without taking the knowing audience out of the story being told. Again, this is no disrespect to any of the actors who voices characters in the movie. An animated movie can look great, but if the voices aren’t there the movie loses all credibility. Watching the clip of Hiro and Baymax above, there wasn’t any moment where I said “hey that’s not the original voice actor”. This is why I feel like this show will work better than the others…also if the writing is good and the stories are interesting or else this will be a flop.

By Taylor

Taylor is one half of Media Discord and resides in Orange County, CA. He grew up loving video games, comics and movies. His favorite game is Chrono Trigger and his favorite comic book character is Deadpool.

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