Battle Princess Madelyn Is Coming To Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U And Nintendo Switch

Currently in Steam Greenlight, Indiehound and Causal Bit Games bring you Battle Princess Madelynthe story of what happens when a princess doesn’t need to be saved but do the saving. In the game Princess Madelyn has her family kidnapped by an evil wizard, and then to make matters worse that same wizard kills her dog. If we’re learned anything from John Wick, you know that once you take a persons pet away from them you’re pretty much going to be destroyed. Recently it was announced that even though Battle Princess Madelyn is in Steam Greenlight, it will also be coming to Xbox One, Playstation 4, Wii U and Nintendo Switch.

Battle Princess Madelyn is a fast paced adventure game comprised of ten levels that include include five stages with a few hidden stages sprinkled throughout. Each stage is completely re-playable and has 10 different types of weapons that change with three sets of armor found in the game. By video game logic, hidden items and re-playable levels go pretty hand in hand, as you will no doubt gain abilities later on that you will have to use on old levels to get items. In the game you will also have your ghostly dog companion Fritzy. Fritzy gains powers as you go through the game which helps solve puzzles, probably to also find those hidden stages and items.

There is no date yet for a home console release, but you can vote for Battle Princess Madelyn on Steam Greenlight here


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