I don’t want to be grouped into those people who hate everything about this movie, because I actually like what I’ve seen and really hope they do well. I just look at everything that has been shown and wonder if we’re going to be short changed on character development. We have a 2-2.5 hour movie coming to us in the beginning of next year that will pit two of the most beloved characters in comic book history against each other, and it’s not the only plot. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Batman and Superman face off, but it will be the first time we see it with real life actors. CGI aside there will be real people in suits, that we only wish we could afford, fighting a battle that we only had read about and seen previously in an animated movie. This can’t be something that lasts less than 20 minutes and if it does then that’s just inexcusable and no movie watcher should be happy with it.

Let’s take a look at what has to happen in this single movie, because there is no part two. We have been introduced to one character and all of a sudden we’ll be adding four more and the audience will just have to know what’s going on. I take the thinking of a podcaster into heart when it comes to superhero movies because, unless it’s a sequel, everything will have to be explained like it’s a persons first time seeing anything when a movie comes out that is not a sequel.

We last saw Clark Kent in his super conspicuous glasses getting a job as a reporter and that’s it. We saw branding of Wayne Enterprises and Lexcorp, but we have not been introduced to these people yet. So when Batman vs. Superman starts we will need a refresher on who Superman is and then we can learn about all the new characters and build their conflicts.

Superman will be called out by Senators and have to answer for the lives and damages that a well places flashback will reminds us of, then he’ll have to be set free to go be Superman again. We also need to meet Bruce Wayne and see where he fits into all this, and at some point it will have to be explained that he is Batman. The biggest explanation that will have to be done is for Princess Diana a.k.a. Wonder Woman. The audience will need to know that she is an amazonian princess  and possibly that cannot be done with dialogue alone. If Wonder Woman is only going to appear at the end, then we need to learn that she has some kind of powers and see maybe an artifact or two from her past. We then have to meet Lex Luthor and find out how he is nice in person, but has a dark side behind closed doors. His motive needs to be presented and he has to do something to solidify himself as a villain. After all characters have been introduced and scenes of them interacting have been seen, an animosity needs to build with Batman and Superman. Pure disgust and hate need to be seen and then they have to have an amazing fight, without destroying any more buildings. Once they have fought and exploited each others weaknesses Doomsday will have to arrive and Wonder Woman will step in to help. The movie then needs to not have Batman and Superman be completely trusting right off the bat and work with Wonder Woman, but still be weary about trusting her along with each other. If anyone has seen Justice League: Doom, then you know that Batman has detailed files on every member of the Justice League and how to defeat them. This shows that even thought they may work together, Batman really never trusts anyone. Let’s not forget that Doomsday also killed Superman in the comics, so this fight can’t be won quickly. The fight has to have all three attack Doomsday, but also show each of them fail and then finally work together and defeat him. Post Doomsday defeat, Lex Luthor will have to ousted as the villain and the foundation for the Justice League will have to be set.

What I just described is a lot to put into one movie and not short us on scenes that we need to see. I also remember seeing a Robin suit with Joker writing all over it, so will we get to see how that happened or even a Jared Leto cameo? There have been wild rumors of Aquaman and The Flash making a cameo, but if that happens will it be a quick scene or something at the end? DC isn’t known for posting after credit scenes, so if something is going to be seen it’ll be during the movie run time.

As I mentioned above, I do really want this movie to be good. I didn’t want to compare it to any other movies, but I do feel like DC needs to do some serious catching up and packing too much into one movie isn’t the way to go. When trying to rush the creation of the Justice League without showing character development the quality drops, which causes the audience to get four hour long comic book show episodes cut down to four twenty two minute episodes with commercials.

By Taylor

Taylor is one half of Media Discord and resides in Orange County, CA. He grew up loving video games, comics and movies. His favorite game is Chrono Trigger and his favorite comic book character is Deadpool.

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