If you clicked on this because you thought that Taylor Swift‘s song inspired a movie, go ahead and flick yourself right in the nose really hard. If you didn’t come here for that ridiculous reason, then welcome and yes there is another Batman animated film coming out before The Killing Joke.

Batman: Bad Blood is about how Batman goes missing and now Robin, Nightwing, Batwoman and Batwing have to team up to help find him. The villain looks to be Talia Al Ghul with The Heretic, also known as Damian Wayne’s twin, helping her. For those of you who read the Batman comics, you also know that it was The Heretic who killed Damian Wayne and caused Batman to go on an emotional rampage trying to resurrect him.

Nighting wing takes over the cape and cowl while they are looking for Bruce Wayne, I would really have liked him to stay in the Nightwing costume and have Jean-Paul Valley come back as Azrael with his kick as version of the batsuit. I also want to point out that if you did read when Batman went to get the corpse of Damian Wayne back and wore the Hell-bat suit, which looked so cool, that would also be a great addition to this movie.

By Taylor

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