Batman And Harley Quinn Review (Spolier Free)

Warner Bros. Release An Inverse “Killing Joke” To Show It Still Has A Sense Of Humor


In terms of DC animated films to date, Batman would probably be the most popular hero. It have something to do with him being “just like us” in terms of being a powerless human. It may have to do with Batman being the start of what’s now known as the “DC animated universe”. Either way, fans will always eagerly await the next Batman animated film.

This time around, we are taken to a very different place with this movie. Harley Quinn has definitely risen in popularity since her inception. When we are first introduced to her, she is basically, for lack of a better phrase, “Joker’s bitch”. Fast forward 25 years, and we now see Harley Quinn’s name next to Batman in the title. We know from the very beginning, Harley Quinn has a co-starring role with Batman in this film.

From the very beginning of the film, we are reintroduced to a familiar voice cast and very familiar style of animation that goes back to the original animated style similar to “Batman: The Animated Series” and “The New Batman Adventures”. But we also quickly learn, from the blood that’s splattered, this is definitely a more grown up film. From there, we meet the rest of the cast, and very early on in the film, we learn something interesting about this movies. Its funny. And I don’t mean, there’s a joke every now and then, but the movie itself is more comedy than it is action. Some of the first shots of Harley Quinn are of her cosplaying AS… Herself, in a cosplayer type situation. From the get go, Harley Quinn is re-introduced to us as “The same ol Harley Quinn, but badass, and grown up.” Emphasis on grown-up. We see a more dynamic side of Harley than we have ever seen in the past, basically evolving her to a character that COULD, if they wanted to, star in her own film.

Outside of the PG-13 rating, this movie is not for kids. The jokes definitely have a bit of a shock value to them.  There are SEVERAL moments that happen that you never thought you would see in a batman animated film. And just when you think they’ve done enough in this film, they push it a little bit further. And a little further, and a little bit further. By the end of the film you’re thinking “… what the fu….”

This movie plays out like the opposite of the The Killing Joke, and does its best to ‘distance’ itself from that movie in terms of the overall vibe of the movie. Although the events of this film are ‘serious’ in someway, the movie does comes at the drama in the most comical and lighthearted as possible. WB wants to you to laugh, wants to you smile, and wants you to sit and reminisce.

This movie definitely does not take itself too seriously. It plays out like an action comedy. The movie mostly aims to entertain the crowd the humor, and the actual story and events are mostly a backdrop to the humor. WB has put a major focus on playing out the “Serious no nonsense detective and his wacky-go-lucky partner” dynamic throughout the film. The movie also put in a lot of effort into making this fun for Batman fans of all generations. It brings back a lot of familiar faces, familiar vehicles, and a very familiar style of action we know and love.

This Is A Harley Quinn Movie And Batman Is Along For The Ride

In the grand scheme of DC/Batman Animated films, this one is definitely going to be remembered. Not for its superb plot lines, or its dramatic story, but because it has done something no other batman animated film has done in the past. Basically it manages to shock the crowd with its crazy antics. You never expect this movie to go where it does, any every time you say to yourself “…no….”, Yes, it goes there. This movie has its own charm to it. By the end of the film, you should have a smile on your face because its a good time all around. I wouldn’t be surprised if they kept this charm around for a little bit in some type of “Harley Quinn” shorts films or comics. The Killing Joke ended with a laugh. This movie kept you laughing throughout. Its a must see for DC/Batman fans, but not everyone is going to be adding this film to their collection. I suggest you watch this with some friends over some pizza.

Batman and Harley Quinn is released in theaters for 1 day only on August 14th, digitally on August 15, and on Blu-ray August 28th.

Review by Dre


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