When I first received the press release that AIPD would be coming to Xbox One I read what it was about and it sounded interesting. Like most press releases everything written is there to make whatever they’re promoting sound like the best thing ever. In this case what I read about the game sounded fun so when it was released I went online at work and downloaded it so it would be ready for me when I got home that night. Due to me doing survey’s on the Xbox Rewards website and earning rewards points I had recieved a $5 credit, so the game only cost me $4.99.

When I booted up the game I went to the how to play option just to see what I was getting myself into. The controls were extremely easy and I noticed that this game used none of the face buttons. Controls were left and right stick to move and aim, left and right triggers shot your primary and super weapon and clicking the right stick would pick up consumables. So far so good, I had played a few twin stick shooters in the past so to me I thought this would come to me pretty easy. As I went through I saw how the health and weapons overheating were laid out and then saw some of the enemies. I figured I had seen all I had to see so I decided to give the game a shot.

When you see start the game you are presented with a screen that gave you a few game options. There is the standard game option and then there are some that have different stipulations and even one where you can make your own game rules. Since I hadn’t played any part of the game I decided to stick with the standard option. This was released on both the PC and Xbox One, but the cursor is similar to a mouse cursor so the Xbox One port may have been a last minute idea or just the way they wanted it to look like. After you choose the standard game and your level of difficulty you then get to pick your gun and then an add-on. All guns and add-on’s are unlocked from your over all score. The bottom right gives you the target to when the next gun or add-on will be unlocked. After all that you are then thrown into a circular arena. As you move around you sections of the screen light up an amber color letting you know which direction the enemies are coming from. You then just shoot like crazy, while watching your overheat meter, and grab all the white triangles you can because those are your multipliers. The score to reach for the next unlock may seem like a huge number, but every time you kill something white triangles get released so your multipliers are constantly growing. While playing I started to take damage and realized that there were no health pick ups, so I thought that it would replenish after I went to the next level. I was a little careless while with the mentality that my life would replenish after the next level, but I still made sure to not over do it and also avoid enemies. When the area was clear you are given two random option before moving onto the next level. Each option given to you in between levels are actually there to make things harder but raise your multiplier, so choosing the more difficult of the two may help raise your score faster. After the second level started I realized that my health bar was not replenished and that I would have one life bar for as long as I played. I made it through a different levels and ended up dying, but I also had enough points for an unlock.

Instead of going back to standard I checked out some of the other game types. I also saw a couple slots open for your own custom game, which you can choose from a game option where every option is presented. I started looking around and it occurred to me that the other game types were just customized games that the game came with. Out of the 8 options to pick from the only real options were standard and the one to customize your game. The other 6 slots could easily be for your own custom games. This didn’t really sit well with me, especially because none of them were online multiplayer and unless you had 3 other controls and people there this game would be a solo game.

When going into the custom game creator, the multiplier was raised to the max right off the bat if your played with all the options on. A custom game with all the options on was hard, but gave you the biggest score and the points carried over from the standard game. The next hour of play was done with all the options on and playing the game levels until I reached the scores to unlock all the weapons and add-ons. After everything was unlocked all I received were achievements and nothing else.

The weapons and add-ons weren’t really worth the time, because the best weapon was the one you got after a few unlocks and none of the add-ons really affected your game play in a positive way. I made a video showing all the weapons in the game

At a $9.99 price tag and no online multiplayer I can’t in good faith say this was worth the price. I did pay only $4.99 for the game, but looking back I would have been happier spending that free $5 on this game if it only cost $5. In order to have fun in any multiplier settings you have to have people and enough controls, and if my case there is no one near where I live. Most of my friends come over on the weekends so I probably won’t enjoy that part of the game. If you do play this game after you’ve unlocked all the weapons it’s only to try to get on the leaderboards, which seem easy but take a long time. There are no patterns to follow and it’s really finding the best weapon that fits your style of play. If there’s a sale on this game I would suggest picking it up for the massive gamer points you get when you unlock an achievement, but at full price I would pass on it.

By Taylor

Taylor is one half of Media Discord and resides in Orange County, CA. He grew up loving video games, comics and movies. His favorite game is Chrono Trigger and his favorite comic book character is Deadpool.

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