As if Lucasfilm hasn’t done enough to bring joy to the masses these past few weeks, they seem to be finding new ways to bring the joys of our past to the present. In a recent interview with Variety Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy gave some hints at a franchise that they want to keep going. If you remember back when Disney purchased Lucasfilm, they not only received the rights to Star Wars, but Willow and Indiana Jones. Kennedy mentioned in the interview that another film will happen, but since a script hasn’t been written yet it’s only in talks right now. The rumors of another Indiana Jones film had been in the rumor mill since the acquisition, but it’s only now that Disney has confirmed they are making another movie.

With the next episodes of Star Wars happening as well as the stand alone films, it looks like Lucasfilm has a full plate, so when will they have time to make Indy’x next adventure? I know the whole company isn’t going to be working just on Star Wars, but right now we don’t know how many Star Wars films Harrison Ford will be in. I’m hoping that they will find another person to pay Indiana Jones, but Harrison Ford has to at least make an appearance. Chris Pratt’s name was thrown into the mix by the internet when the rumor of an Indian Jones movie being made first started, but we don’t even know if he’ll be available. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is 2 years away and there’s a cavalcade of Marvel films every year. Who knows how many Marvel movies Starlord will appear in aside from the next Guardians film. The one thing we can all feel comferatable about is that Shia Labeouf won’t be reprising his role as Indiana’s son,  they could change it up and  go back doing more Young Indiana Jones movies. We don’t know anything right now, but it sure is fun to speculate.

By Taylor

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