Even though there is long lists of rules you are asked to abide by when playing a pre-released game, there are still those who like to give everyone who doesn’t have access a little look. Over the weekend both 4chan and Reddit were hit with photos, videos and gifs of the upcoming Hitman game.

In case you want to call fake, here is a photo of the closed Alpha letter that was sent out as well as a picture of the games being downloaded.

You can check out three short videos herehere and here

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Taking a look at everything that has been released, I can say that this game does step it up from previous Hitman games. I have only had a few interactions with Hitman from what I could demo on the Xbox 360, but what I did play I really enjoyed. The thing I really like most about the Hitman games is that the fact that there is no clear way to complete a mission. You have complete choice over whether you want to go skillfully and live in the shadows, or if you want to go in guns blazing and create total chaos. The ideal way would be to stay in the shadows, but honestly running and gunning is a lot more fun.

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