A Review Of Sony’s E3 Presentation From A Long Time Sony Fan

Have you ever taken a test and you were 1 point away from getting that A, then you realize, you got the easy question wrong? Or have you ever watched any sport and the other team just needed 1 point to win, but its really an EASY point, and they just screw up. missed field goals, threw a gutter ball, botched an easy layup, fell on the last triple toe, stepped out of bounds. If any of these events speak to you then you know EXACTLY how I felt watching Sony’s Press conference.

Now a lot of people say E3 ISN’T a competition…. But it is. IT’S the most non-competitive competition there is, and for the last 5 or so years Sony and Microsoft have been battling it out, while Nintendo has been gladly forfeiting the battle for the last 3 or so years. This year was the year that Sony really was at a loss because Microsoft was in the position to blow A Review Of Sony‘s E3 Presentation From A Long Time Sony Fan out of the water with all its new possible announcements and the final reveal of Project Scorpio. Sony wasn’t in a place to trump Microsoft on the suffer.

WELL Microsoft got on stage, and failed to blow Sony out of the water. It felt like they tripped over their own feet.

This put Sony in a great place! Their opening and visual performance allied with the trailers were awesome. Whoever put together the intro to the show needs a raise. Sony brought more than just visual, but brought a theatrical experience that was very enjoyable along with the games shown. Surely Sony has something up their sleeves. They did the usual E3 thing. Talked about their own success, talked about their ups and positives, and brought up how amazing VR was, even dedicated part of the press event to VR. Then showed some games, which always look great (WHATEVER SYSTEM THEY ARE PART OF) AND!!!!!!!!!

Nothing…….nothing at all. No new exciting IP, no new PSPlus feature, no near project, no new add ons, new new backwards compatibility, no new price drop, Nothing. It really felt like a presentation put together last minute, or that they really just don’t feel the need to impress. NOW DON’T GET ME WRONG, games looked great this year, but every system comes out with new games every year. Sony was supposed to set themselves apart from the competition. Sony was supposed to come out and say “THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD BUY A PS4!”, but they didn’t do anything but show game trailers. Even Microsoft brought a Porsche and Terry Crews. Sony just didn’t put for the effort this year. They might as well pulled a Nintendo and just made an extended video trailer.

And what probably bothers me the most about Sony’s lackluster conference is, they have so many different angles and features to about in detail. Playstation VR, Now, Vue, Plus, Music, Vita, but literally didn’t bring up any of them up. The whole thing felt like a rehash-type trailer of games already announced.

Way to go Sony, Much ado about nothing.


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