A Legend Of Zelda Game Is Coming To Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are mostly everyone’s pockets and purses and whenever a person has any type of downtime it’s the first thing they reach for. Whether you’re waiting for an elevator, sitting in a theater waiting for the movie to start or waiting for commercials to pass the phone is your go to time waster. Usually people will go on social media, but after they’re done their scroll they’ll pop open a game and play a level or two. This is because mobile games are made for just those occasions, where you have some time to spend and can knock out a challenge in about 45 seconds to a minute.

Recently Nintendo has started porting some of their properties to mobile devices, and for the most part it has shown to be very profitable. Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes are bringing in big money on both iphone and Android devices and they look to continue that trend later this year with the launch of their Animal Crossing mobile game.

The Wallstreet Journal is now reporting that next year there will be a Legend of Zelda game being released on mobile devices. There’s no word on if it will tie into Breath of the Wild, any previous games or just be a stand alone story. With the free to play model being the way to go, this could easily be a throwback to The Legend of Zelda II: The Adventures of Link and be a side scrolling game. There will have to be a some kind of way to deplete tries as gamers go to either familiar towns or areas from previous games, because nothing will make a Legend of¬†Zelda fan go the distance than indulging in some nostalgia.

The big question is how the controls will be displayed on the screen. Depending on if this is an inspired by port or a standalone game, the buttons could range from 2 – 6. Although I highly doubt there will be 6 buttons displayed on a screen, 4 sounds like a more reasonable amount. That means that they could do any Nintendo Entertainment System or Super Nintendo game minus the shoulder buttons. I really enjoy the Final Fantasy port on my Android and it works well with how those controls are layed out.


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